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Brand: Roots & Crown

Based on a syrup made from delicious Bee Local honey, cacao, rose, maca, cloves, hawthorne and rose, it also includes handmade gentian & rose tinctures*. (All herbs and ingredients are organic!) 

This is delicious elixir to add to tea, to a spirit of your choice to make a cocktail, or straight up (if you can handle the bitter)...It includes herbs that enhance our creative and sexual centers so that anxiety is released, and presence, exhilaration, and connection become more passionate and playful.

These bitters are a perfect addition to cocktails like the Old Fashioned & Manhattan, great in whiskey drinks in general. 

1 oz. bottle (small tincture bottle) but a little goes a long way. 

Some of the included herbs:

Maca: a Peruvian super-root that enhances sexual function, energy & mood 

Clove: warming and stimulating 

Rose: encourages love, trust, stress-relieving & magical

Hawthorne: heart-opening


Roots & Crowns is a one-queer-woman apothecary out of Portland, OR. Her mission is to bring Plant Power to the People in an accessible, beautiful way. All of her products are handmade of the finest wild/organic ingredients.

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