Dan / Dannielle Owens-Reid

I spent a lot of time waiting for a brand / store / clothing line to get it 'right' and somewhere along the way recognized that is unrealistic. I managed to keep finding things I wanted to wear via brands that already existed, I just had to reach pretty far to think outside of the box. I have so many pinterest boards filled with different people, I check out runways, I find one small item I like and then picture building an outfit around it. Some of those clothes come from the 'men's section," some come from the "women's section," some come from an unidentified pile at a thrift store. This is all fairly new to me because most of the people who are popular today are still dressing with a pretty typical 'men's' vs. 'women's' vibe. I don't like either of those vibes. If I were going to a red carpet event, I wouldn't wear a suit and I wouldn't wear a dress. Until very recently, I think Justin Bieber and (the real) Avril Lavigne are the only people I have EVER seen not wearing one of those two options at an event. And even still, people who dress outside of the norm usually lean so far one way or the other. Or things are SO high fashion I can't imagine wearing them Tuesday afternoon while working at a coffeeshop.

When I think about Radimo in terms of my growing up and understanding fashion, I know for certain if I had seen these people, wearing these styles, I would have realized just how versatile we can be with what is already available. On top of that, there are brands that are breaking out of what is expected and those brands aren't being highlighted on as mass of a scale as they should be (in my opinion). 

Partially because of money - let's be real, MAINLY because of money - if small queer-owned brands had millions, we would all know about them already, but most of these people are creating these products because there is a massive need. Three of the brands represented on Radimo are founded and being run by ONE person. 

This entire process has been so inspiring to me.

I think fashion can change someone's life. Can improve someone's self-worth. I think having the ability to present to the world exactly who you are is a feeling completely unmatched by anything else. And I think it's hard to understand what you can do with a piece of clothing until you've seen someone else do it.

The bottom line... I want people to have access to brands that make the kind of clothes that will make them feel confident, cool, hot, and completely unstoppable.