Are you or your brand interested in adopting more inclusive brand messaging?

The services we provide will quickly and seamlessly integrate our policies into your Ad Campaign, Brand Strategy, or Upcoming Production. Radimo offers consulting services that allow your brand to authentically transition your messaging and identity to be gender, race, and size-inclusive. 


  • Creative and Art Direction for brand identity, messaging, and advertising campaigns
  • Collaboration and review to ensure your campaign or brand is inclusive of body type, skin tone, and gender nonconforming individuals
  • Creative and Art Direction, Casting, and Location Scouting support for photo shoots (LA AREA ONLY)
  • Full Service Production for campaigns, photo shoots, live events (runway, store opening, etc.,)
  • TV, Film, Influencer - collaboration and review to ensure your captions, ads, and scripts are using inclusive language and overall messaging
  • Workshops and small group training in becoming more inclusive in overarching Brand Strategy
  • Company Culture - workplace, HR, and employee sensitivity training

We are a brand that lives and breathes inclusion. Radimo is committed to supporting queer, trans, black, POC, plus size, women, and disabled small business owners.

By working with us you will be supporting business owners and creatives from marginalized communities. 

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