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Brand: Tomboy Toes

Vegan Leather

Derby-Style Lacing

Brogue Accent

Plain Toe

Average ("B") Widths

Formal laced dress boots have a long history. To be able to afford formal boots often meant you were a member of the aristocracy, because of the cost of the extra material and the craftmanship required to make them. Today, dress boots straddle the line between a tough, rugged aesthetic and formal wear that is appropriate for a work environment - and often it can be difficult to find dress boots that look good with a suit. 

The Barrister's Boots are the answer: a delicate balance between nonconforming style, elegant and office appropriate formality, and the added bonus of extra ankle support and warmth for colder seasons. These vegan leather boots can be paired with dress pants or worn in the casual day to day to really elevate your style and add a bit of punchy visual interest without losing practicality. Whether you're wearing them to your law firm or to your local dive bar, with a long cuff they appear just as nice as a pair of dress shoes, and with a short or rolled up pant leg can be shown off as the sturdy ankle cut boots they truly are.

Each pair of Barrister's Boots comes with a complementary tin of neutral shoe polish.


Tomboy Toes is a queer-owned online business selling formal and semi-formal shoes in classic masculine styles designed to fit women, trans men, and non-binary people with smaller feet. The folks at Tomboy Toes feel everybody deserves to feel dashing if they want to, and the size of their feet shouldn't impede that goal.

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